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Script Doctor

I love the collaboration process–reading, writing, editing, and the ever-critical rewrite, even if it’s for the fortieth time. Most importantly, I’m a passionate advocate for writers. Let’s get your story off the ground!

Whether it’s a pitch, a manuscript, or notes on a cocktail napkin, I’m always excited to dive in.

My clients range from established, working writers to aspiring authors and screenwriters.

My script experience includes VH-1 News, Bloomberg Television, VH-1’s ‘Pop Up Video’, and Paramount Pictures.

Amelia is a wonderful writer with insights, instincts, and a rare grasp of the complexities of human nature. Her business card actually reads: “The High Priestess of Plot”.

Joel Anderson Thompson: Battlestar Gallactica, House, Superstition, Roswell

When I was writing my book ‘Love Heals,’ Amelia read my manuscript and gave me such invaluable advice that I followed each and every word she told me. I would highly recommend her for all kinds of writing!

Dr. Usha Tandon, Author of “Love Heals” (an Amazon Best-Seller)

“Amelia is brilliant!  Not only does she excel in character, structure and dialogue, but she’s passionate, full of phenomenal ideas, and worked unbelievably hard with me on my project – all the way from conception to Netflix!”

Deborah Swisher, Producer “THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY” (Amazon), writer ‘take the ice’ (netflix)